Endura Flap Pet Door Review

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Considering buying a pet door? The Endura Flap could be the one for you and your pooch…

Want to give your pet more freedom and independence but keep your home — and your pet — safe?

Or are you constantly getting up and down, disrupting your day, to let your dog in and out of the door?

A pet door could well be the ideal solution.

But what exactly is a pet door, and what are the benefits of having one for you and your four legged friends?

Read on to find out more…

What is a Pet Door?

A pet door is just like a door for humans in that it is a portal which allows pets to gain access independently from inside the home to an outside space, and vice versa.

Pet doors are available in just the right size to suit your pet, and different styles of pet door can be installed in different places such as walls, doors, and sliding glass doors.

Pet doors usually consist of a metal or plastic frame with a hinged door or flap that swings open when your pet passes through and then closes behind him, and they often have magnets to keep them closed and protect against the weather.

Door flaps are usually made from thick but flexible plastic, and prime pet doors are designed to provide an enhanced level of insulation.

The best pet doors have additional security features, and most pet doors can be locked for added safety. They may be electronically, electromagnetically, or infrared controlled to ensure that only your pet can have access and prevented any unwanted animals gaining entry to your home.

Known for their top quality pet doors, Endura Flap produce a range of superior products to suit pets and homes of all shapes and sizes.

In this review we take a closer look at what Endura Flap offers and whether their pet doors are really worth it.

Features of the Endura Flap Pet Door

The patented design of the pet doors in the Endura Flap range boast some excellent features:

  • Endura Flap pet doors can be mounted in walls, solid core, hollow core, metal doors, and storm doors, sliding glass doors, and windows, and come in a wide range of sizes from small up to extra large with a flap opening size of 12″ w x 23″ h.
  • They are available in single or double flap versions. Single flaps are ideal for cats or pets who are timid or have less strength which might make it difficult for them to push through a double door. Double doors on the other hand, are perfect for larger pets and homes in areas with harsher weather conditions.
  • Energy efficient flaps on the Endura Flap pet doors close and seal tightly using a patented strong magnet system to provide a good level of insulation and protect your home from moisture. Doors with double flaps offer protection from wind with gusts up to 50 mph.
  • A sturdy metal locking cover provides additional security and can be used to close off the pet door during the night time to keep out intruders, or to keep your pets inside or outside whenever you need to, or for when you’re not at home.
  • The robust aluminum frames of the Endura Flap pet doors are lightweight, strong, and rust resistant.
  • Not only do these pet doors come in a range of sizes, they also come in a choice of 3 different colors to fit in with your home decor. Choose between white, tan, or black to blend in best with your home.

endura flap review

Endura Flap Pet Door Review

The Positives


Made with top quality engineering using top notch materials, Endura Flap pet doors are made to last for years of heavy use, and the strong magnets which help seal the doors prolong the lifetime of the doors even when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

What’s more, this is backed by a 15 year warranty.

Insulation and weather protection

Endura Flap pet doors offer a level of insulation and protection from the elements which is almost unrivalled thanks to the heavy duty PVC door flaps which seal tightly using magnetic strips and which won’t let in drafts or rain even in extreme weather conditions.

This protects your home from damage and keeps the temperature in your home stable whatever the climate.

Ideal for all kinds of pet

The PVC flaps of the Endura Flap pet doors are thick and robust to keep in heat, yet remain flexible enough to be pushed open by your pet easily.

This in addition to the choice of double or single flap doors and range of sizes means that smaller or more timid pets, or even pets with injuries, disabilities, or age related difficulties can learn to use them with relative ease.

endura flap pet door

High security

When adding a pet door to your home, home security is a serious issue — particularly if you have a large dog who needs a big door — which means a big hole in your wall through which it is possible for a human to crawl through.

The lockable security cover really sets the Endura Flap pet doors apart from the rest and ensures that you can lock up your home safely without fear of an intruder (or just a strange pesky animal which might wreak havoc) gaining entry.


Everyone’s home is different, and finding the right place to fit a pet door can be tricky.

The fact that Endura Flap pet doors can be installed in walls, windows, or almost any kind of door is a real blessing which opens up way more choice when placing your pet door.

The Negatives


These are premium dog doors, with a premium price to match, and may not be within the financial reach of everyone.

That said, they are extremely practical, energy efficient, offer a high level of security, and are a worthy investment if you have the cash.


You will need a certain amount of skill to install your Endura Flap pet door, and some people may find it tricky.

Thankfully, Endura Flap provide many helpful videos on their website to guide you through the installation process step by step.

Size range

The range of sizes available in the Endura Flap pet door range is excellent and will be suitable for the majority of pets, but with the largest size door measuring 12 x 23 inches, even that may not be suitable for very large dog breeds such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, and Newfoundlands.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for an energy efficient pet door that works well in all weathers that is also very strong and secure, then a pet door from the Endura Flap range comes highly recommended.

Yes they are expensive, but in our view they are well worth the investment for the quality and durability of the product, as well as the insulation and security benefits, and peace of mind.

endura flap review

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