Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa Review


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When it comes to the Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa, it’s not, as one might expect from the name, a sofa for your dog that also allows you to store books. Instead, it’s styled in a way that is a great aesthetic match to your home library or office.

It’s not a niche design meant to entertain you as your dog lounges but instead blends in with your room to maintain a sense of uniformity with your interior decorations.

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You may be wondering – what’s the point of buying a couch specifically for your dog, when you could just buy a dog bed or a sofa that happens to work well with dogs?

Well, there are a range of advantages (and disadvantages) this product delivers, all of which we’ve investigated, so as to provide you with the best understanding before you buy.

Hopefully, this Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa review will help you decide if this is the perfect match for you and your dog.

Enchanted Home Pet Library Review


Great for Large Dogs

Ever see your dog chilling on your sofa, but their legs stick out or they can’t seem to get comfortable?

Well, just like your sofa is designed for you and your human legs, this pet sofa is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, making this the best pet bed for large dogs, so they can nap while you work.

Do they want to lie on their side? Sit up with their legs tucked underneath them? Curl up into a ball? This couch has your dog covered.

Hang Out With Your Dog!

Unlike dog beds, mats, or pillows, you can hang out with your pup on this sofa.

It’s not designed for you, same as your human sofa isn’t designed for your dog, but you can still sit on it and let your dog lay their head in your lap.

Theoretically, you could do the same on other pet furniture, but it can look odd and may feel uncomfortable due to its design.

This one, however, gives you the best of both worlds, keeping your dog off the people-sofa (helping it stay clean), and letting you still get that sense of affection with them.

No Weird Dog Smell

Yes, your dog smells. You may not notice, but your guests certainly do. Keeping them off the people-sofa will help remove your dog’s smell from guests’ noses.

Furthermore, this pet sofa will keep the scent from sticking to your room in general, provided that the rest of your furniture remains pet-free as well.

Cold Floors? No Problem

Many pet beds rest directly on the ground, with only a single layer of padding to separate your pup from the cold. However, this sofa stands a few inches up from the floor thanks to the wooden feet.

For pet owners with hardwood floors or who keep the air conditioner on all day and night, this is especially helpful for your dog.

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa review


Non-Removable Base Cushion

Is your dog a super shedder, chronically nervous with a weak bladder, or are they otherwise messy? Invest in a cushion cover, because this sofa was not meant to be taken apart.

While it is made of a relatively waterproof material, that doesn’t mean it’s immune from stuff getting stuck in the creases and becoming hard to wash out.

On the bright side, you won’t have to run after the bedding layer every time the dog wants to sniff around, and you don’t have to clean out the underside using a vacuum.

Pokes and Tears

Sad to say, if your dog has sharp or long claws, this sofa may not stand the test of time very well. The material is okay at best, but thin enough that you may get some dog-induced tears in the cover.

While using another type of fabric instead of the vinyl made it a little sturdier as well as less pricey, using any kind of fabric makes it susceptible to doggy accidents and the subsequent stains or smells.

Big Dogs vs. Heavy Dogs

Sometimes, the two aren’t entirely the same thing. Due to the general structure and style of the sofa, some heavy dogs may cause the cushion to sink, making the lifetime of this product substantially shorter, (depending on what you consider worth keeping or throwing out).

For some dogs, they may enjoy some “give” in the cushion, but for the humans buying this product, it’s best to keep it this in mind.

Enchanted home pet library sofa review

Final Verdict

If you’re the kind of dog owner who likes to make their living spaces look functional and fabulous, the Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa is the pet sofa for you.

It combines both aesthetic with functionality, allowing your dog to join you wherever this is placed, without being an outsider.

More importantly, it won’t disrupt your perfectly designed interior while also favoring comfort for dogs of all sizes.

pet library sofa review

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