Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed Review


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The Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed is a nearly fabric-less, easy-to-clean pet bed with a removable cushion and cushion fastener, so as to keep the former from sliding off.

The bed is designed after formal leather or faux-leather couches in order to ensure it blends in well with rooms of the same or similar design, rather than standing out with bright colors or obtrusive shapes.

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While it is pleasing to the eye for the human owners of dogs, and certainly that’s one benefit of many, it only works if the dog uses it – and if it’s durable enough to handle that much love.

For instance, is it as easy to clean as it promises to be? This Enchanted home tufted pet bed review is here to give you the necessary answers, so you can decide if this bed is right for you.

Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed Review


Looks Great

This pet bed, while built primarily for your dog, won’t look out of place in your living room or office! The faux leather and tufts give it a formal or elegant look that will match up with furniture of the same likeness.

The neutral color allows it to blend in without dominating the room, and even keeps it a little hidden, depending on where you place it.

Wipe to Clean

While fabric can be more comfortable, it’s certainly harder to clean on a daily basis, especially with bigger messes.

The material of this Enchanted Home pet bed won’t absorb any moisture or liquids, so all that’s necessary for cleaning is a wet paper towel and a furniture-friendly disinfectant. That’s a ten-second job, at most, with no time needed in the laundry.

Should you, at any point, need to clean the underside of the bed, the cushion is removable for easy access.

Not Just for Dogs

Got a cat, too? They can use it as well! This pet bed could even fit two cats, depending on your (or, let’s be honest, their) preferences.

Thanks to its added cushioning, while it may sound a little unconventional, you can also use this as a seat for yourself!

Want to cuddle with your pup, but can’t allow them on the people-sofa? That’s no problem – sharing the pet bed with your dog for a few minutes of snuggling will hardly be uncomfortable at all.


On that same note, depending on the size of your dog, they should have enough room to lay in nearly any position they choose, whether it’s snuggling up in the curve of the bed, resting their head on the armrest, or stretching out their legs comfortably on their sides.

This is especially handy if you have more than one dog and need something that can fit both of their needs.

enchanted home brisbane tufted pet bed


Small Dog Only

That level of comfort does have a limit, however. The sizing of the bed is ideally suited for dogs (or other pets) under 30 pounds in weight.

Those larger dogs will be cramped for space, while those under 30 pounds will have a comfortable amount room to enjoy (or even extra).

Not Completely Waterproof

For those seeking the most convenient pet bed to maintain – this one almost hit the mark. While the majority of this bed is made of a smooth material, the base underneath the cover is made of fabric, as you can generally expect from most couches.

You can wipe away any messes from the cushion and other surface areas, but the base layer will fall victim to liquids, whether your pup experienced an accident or came indoors drenched from playing in the sprinklers.

However, so long as nothing leaks down the side, you’ll be fine.


Unlike other pet beds, where the complaint is “not enough bedding” or material that starts to sag and give under the weight of your dog, this pet bed has an overstuffing problem.

This results in a stiffer, less pliable feel, which may be uncomfortable for dogs that prefer softer surfaces.

It’s possible that after consistent use, they’ll be able to break it in, but if they don’t use it enough to break in, it’s a moot point.

Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed

Final Verdict

For owners that favor versatility, style, and easy cleaning, this is the best pet bed for you. Should you own a pet less than 30 pounds, it’ll be a comfortable, luxurious fit.

The Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed holds up to wear and tear, is easy to clean, works with your dog’s preferences, and should fit in just about any room.

If you’re concerned about having a softer bed material, laying down a waterproof pet blanket should do the trick.

You can fold it up for a more pliant surface or drape it across for a different texture. However, if you do this, keep in mind that it’ll take more steps to clean, rather than just one quick wipe of the cushions.

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