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The same principle behind insuring your own health can also apply to your furry best friends.

Insurance offers peace of mind. No one can predict what will happen to anything or anyone in the future – and that includes pets.

Your pets are important to you. Keeping them healthy if something goes wrong is equally important.

Medical and veterinarian bills can be intense to say the least, and pet coverage like the kind provided by Embrace Pet Insurance can take away some of that stress if handled right.

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When you’re worried about your pet’s health, money is not something you want on your mind.

So what does pet insurance really entail, and do you need it?

What Kind of Coverage is Offered?

Embrace Pet Insurance’s coverage policy falls under two basic categories—Accident and Illness.

They offer protection for both issues, and the list of umbrella conditions under each of those categories stretches to include an impressive amount.

Breed specific conditions, diagnostic testing including x-rays and ultrasounds, cancer treatments, mobility aid devices and prosthetic limbs, surgeries, hospitalization time, nursing and specialist care, emergency room visits, and even behavioural therapy are all included.

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But there are even some optional services that can be included as well, such as optional coverage for pet medications and a wellness rewards program.

Though not technically insurance, wellness rewards do help save money for important medical visits you’d routinely take your pet for, such as annual checkups, vaccinations, spaying and neutering operations, and even something like heart-worm medications or teeth cleaning.

You’re going to take action to keep your pets healthy anyway; with Embrace Pet Insurance programs, it’s nice to be rewarded as well.

How Many Pet Insurance Plans Do I Need?

These insurance plans are available on a pet-by-pet basis. If you only have one cat or dog, then you only need one plan, but if you’re a person of many pets, trying to get them all insured is a good idea.

From kittens to cats and puppies to dogs, there are coverage options available, and both kinds of pets are eligible for both accident and illness insurance if they’re under fourteen years old.

Once signed up for their insurance plans, they are insured for life regardless of age or illness. Future issues with your pets will not change or drop their insurance with Embrace.

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Pets over the age of fourteen or those diagnosed with diseases like diabetes, Cushing’s, Addison’s, or FIV can also still qualify for the accident portion of the insurance as well, even if they aren’t eligible for the illness side of coverage.

How Customizable is the Pet Insurance Policy?

A great thing about this company’s insurance plan is the flexibility it offers. You can customize the financial aspects of your policy without jeopardizing the coverage.

You are able to personalize your annual deductible, your annual maximum, and your reimbursement from plan to plan with different pets.

So, depending on each of your pets –their age, their lifestyle, and their health – you can change the rates of your deductible and maximum to suit their individual needs.

An indoor cat that’s getting on in years in a relaxed household is much less likely to be in accidents, so you can focus on the costs of maintaining vet visits and keeping an eye out for illnesses.

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On the other hand, a younger puppy that loves to run around outside and is in great health might need more focus in the accident protection department.

What’s Not Covered?

Of course not everything is covered under Embrace Pet Insurance’s plan.

Ineligibilities include: ear cropping or tail docking (though ‘cosmetic’ surgeries can be covered when medically necessary), breeding and pregnancy medical expenses, injuries deliberately caused from abuse or neglect or from another animal in the home, organ transplants, and a few other exceptions.

For the most part, however, Embrace Pet Insurance has extensive coverage to protect your finances from the surprise medical bills.

Here’s a video showing on the question of buying pet insurance:

Final Thoughts on Embrace Pet Insurance

Even if they’re not at the insane price of human medical bills, pet veterinarian expenses aren’t exactly a light financial burden.

With Embrace, the theme is peace of mind. There were many different claims that need filing, but this, on the same hand, gives you more control over your pets’ care and the style of coverage you need for their lifestyle.

Compared to other pet insurance options on the market, this one delivers the largest array of options and room for personalization, but of course offsets this with paperwork. Insurance – can’t ever really get away from the paperwork!

If you’re looking into pet insurance to protect your furry friends, Embrace Pet Insurance offers a great deal of coverage for personalized rates – but be ready for a temporary headache with the logistics of it.

Once that’s settled, then you can be certain your worries are put to rest if the worst happens.

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