Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Arguably the most frustrating task that pet owners have to contend with is managing all the hair left behind!

Whether it’s on carpets, sofas, bedspreads or jackets, dog hair has an uncanny ability to find its way onto every surface of your home.

best vacuum for dog hair

So it goes without saying that a good vacuum goes hand in hand with owning a furry friend, but with so many to choose from and so many promising to solve your fur-covered nightmare, how do you know which one is going to work best for your home?

Here we’re going to take a look at the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright vacuum cleaner to find out if it’s truly the best vacuum for dog hair, and whether or not you should consider it to help keep your home fur-free.

What is the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

A standing vacuum that’s loaded with all sorts of tools, the Dyson DC65 is a hefty machine designed to completely eradicate dog hair from your home.

It stands about three feet tall and features a clear, cylindrical tank to catch all the debris you vacuum up.

Its brush bar has been reconfigured to remove up to twenty-five percent more dirt, giving it a powerful edge over other vacuums.

A stylish fuchsia plastic crowns the top of the vacuum and a round base gives unique shape to the bottom of the machine.

What’s Included With the Dyson DC65?

This vacuum comes fully loaded with helpful tools and accessories to keep your home fur-free.

best vacuum cleaner for dog hair

Some of our favorites include:

  • Tangle-Free Turbine Tool: Outfitted with counter-rotating brush heads, this tiny but powerful tool can easily pull up pet hair from your carpets and upholstery. Not only does it draw from the front – the wrap-around brushes enable this tool to vacuum from all sides, making it quick and easy to clean couches, stairs, and so many other surfaces.
  • Soft Dusting Brush: Quickly remove dust and hair from delicate places such as blinds, fan blades and corners with this gentle brush. A felt strip adds extra protection against scratching or scuffing, while the vacuum-assisted tool draws out more dust than your standard duster.
  • Reach-Under Tool: A flexible tool that can bend and twist to reach even the most difficult places, like under the couch or behind appliances. Inlets along the head of the tool prevent larger debris from getting sucked into and jammed inside of the hose, while the flat paddle shape helps it to slip into tight cracks.

Dyson DC65 Pros:

A Tool for Every Occasion

While we highlighted our favorites above, the Dyson DC65 comes with numerous other useful accessories to making cleaning a breeze.

There’s a brush to match every situation and each one is thoughtfully designed to make your job quicker and easier when combating the build-up of animal debris.

There’s even a specialized brush for cleaning your mattress!

dyson dc65 animal complete review

Unbeatable Quality

With modern cyclone technology and durable plastic hardware, it’s no wonder Dyson is confident enough to include a five-year warranty on their product.

This is a vacuum that’s built to last your family for a very long time and it only requires minimal upkeep to remain the most powerful contender in your lineup of cleaning tools.

Majorly Versatile

This vacuum isn’t exclusive to carpets! It’s just as effective on tile, hardwood, and linoleum surfaces, saving you the trouble of having to sweep and dust separately.

It may end up being the only tool you need to take care of every surface in your home, which is incredibly useful when it comes time to clean.

DYSON DC65 Cons:


When you check this vacuum’s price-tag you’ll realize this is no cheap machine.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

While all of its incredible features and useful tools are worth the price, you may find it to be outside of your budget when looking to purchase a new vacuum.

However, something to keep in mind is the lifespan of the vacuum you choose. This may be a big investment, but it’s sure to last you much longer than the cheaper models you may be inclined to purchase instead.


Despite its modest size, this vacuum is considerably heavier than some of its peers.

With all of its goodies, it totals out just over twenty-seven pounds, which can be a real pain when you’re dragging it all over the house.

Here’s what the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner looks like out of the box. 

The Verdict on the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

It’s easy to see why the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner is considered one of the best vacuum cleaners for ridding your home of dog hair and debris.

With its massive selection of tools and powerful cyclone technology, it could be the final solution to your cleaning needs.

Despite its steep price tag, we still highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone working with a large budget and looking for a machine that will keep their home an utterly fur-free environment!

dyson dc65 review

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