Dogtra ARC Hands Free Collar Review

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The Dogtra ARC Hands-Free Collar is a training collar equipped with two distinct features to help you train your pup: nick/constant stimulation and pager vibration. It comes with a typical remote controller as well as a “hands-free” remote.

There are plenty of training collars on the market, which can make shopping for one a little difficult.

dogtra collar review

Hopefully, this Dogtra collar review will help you on your way to making the best decision for you and your furry friend.

Dogtra ARC Hands-Free Collar Review


Hands-Free Remote

The hands-free remote is on a flexible strap that can go around your wrist, and – just to be clear – works through the main remote, not in lieu of it.

The best part? The dog won’t associate the effects from the collar with you reaching for the main remote.

If you have it on the inside of your hand, it’s practically invisible. You can form a fist and press the button without them knowing it was you.

This can help redirect the process of changing their behavior or following commands rather than trying to separate you from the remote.

One last heads-up on this function: the settings for the hands-free remote will be set by the main remote. If you’re anticipating the need to move from setting to setting, or even to different intensities, then you’ll want to keep the main remote near.

Not a Shock Collar

When it comes to training, you need to fit the right reward or punishment for the behavior you want to encourage or desist, and not all dogs need to be trained with a shock collar.

They can be helpful, sure, but you’ll want the right tool for the right job. The Dogtra ARC Collar is meant for dogs with medium to mild temperaments or problematic behaviors, not for hard to train dogs with firm constitutions or stubborn personalities.

Settings and Intensity

The two settings are relatively mild forms of stimulation meant to get your dog’s attention. It’s more akin to a clicker to train birds than a shock collar, though the stimulation for the nick setting can be placed higher.

You can set these functions to varying intensities using the main remote.

dogtra collar review


While it seems standard for any type of training collar that runs on electricity, it’s still good to note that this collar is also waterproof.

There are no exposed wires or prongs that will touch your dog’s skin. You can have peace of mind in knowing the product will not malfunction when submerged in water for those times your dog runs into the lake or through the sprinklers.


Hard Collar

As you might expect, your dog will not have an entirely pleasant experience with a training collar and may wish to slip out of it.

To prevent this, the Dogtra ARC collar is rather hard, without a lot of give, making it not entirely comfortable.

The collar is adjustable to the size of your dog’s neck, but that doesn’t ensure it will be fun for man’s best friend to wear.

No Audio Function

Some owners like to have a noise or tone feature installed, so as to get their dog’s attention or to serve as a warning. The Dogtra ARC collar does not have this feature.

If you want to get your dog’s attention or let them know you’re watching, you can simply tap the vibration or pager setting on a low intensity to remind them to behave.

Don’t Forget to Charge

While the collar runs on batteries, the remotes need to be charged. While this makes sense, as you want to always keep the collar on as opposed to letting it charge for an hour or so, the collar is basically useless without the remotes.

As the hands-free remote is reliant on the main remote to perform, this means that you can’t just charge the hands-free remote and expect it to work without the other.

Thankfully, they do provide the ability to charge both remotes at the same time, but make sure you keep up on it yourself.

The last thing you want is for the remote to die mid-training-session, forcing you to take a break and wait for an hour.

Dogtra ARC collar review

Final Verdict

With the Dogtra ARC collar review, you should be safe and satisfied with this product. While it doesn’t try to do everything, like some other training collars promise to do, it does live up to its given promises.

Since it’s built with hard materials, it’ll last for several years, and the simple design allows for easy set-up. Rather than confusing users with a variety of gimmicks, it’s straightforward and effective.

The Dogtra ARC collar is also made with userinterface in mind, as shown by the inclusion of the hands-free remote.

Knowing how dogs react to training while associating training with the remote and not their behavior, makes this product worthwhile.

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