DogRook Dog Bark Collar Review

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Does your dog bark all the time – despite your best training efforts? While we love our pets, sometimes their yowling can get very irritating.

That’s where the DogRook Dog Bark Collar comes in. It provides a small vibration to teach canines to stop barking, it’s completely safe as there is no shock or electricity, and it’s also very easy to set up.

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Unfortunately, not everyone had such a great experience with this bark collar. Some users found the collar didn’t fit their dog properly, while others thought the sensor responsible for detecting noises was a little too sensitive and would go off when the dog wasn’t barking.

Are these popular opinions or rare cases? Before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the DogRook Dog bark Collar.

DogRook Dog Bark Collar: The Details

Does it Suit Large or Small Dogs?

The DogRook Dog Bark Collar is suitable for dogs of nearly any size. As long as your canine is between 11 to 110 lbs, this collar’s adjustable strap can be tailored to their needs exactly.

However, if you own a very small toy breed or a very large dog, this collar, unfortunately, won’t suit them. Hopefully, DogRook will be coming out with other sizes soon.

Correction Type – Shock or Vibration?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a shock collar! There are no electric jolts involved whatsoever, even to the slightest degree.

When your dog barks, the collar will vibrate against their skin, which creates an uncomfortable but not painful experience.

As such, it signals that barking is an unwelcomed behavior. Over time, they will learn to associate this unpleasant sensation with barking and cease that loud habit altogether.

You can be certain they won’t be harmed; it’s mainly just surprising and annoying enough to encourage them to change their behavior.

The number of Sensitivity Levels:

This collar has seven different sensitivity levels. DogRook recommends you start on the first one and work up from there.

Beginning with the highest sensitivity may cause noises other than your dog’s barking to set it off, like a loud conversation or a TV with the volume turned up.

The longer you use it, the more knowledgeable you’ll become on which level is best for you and your dog.

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This DogRook collar is waterproof – but not entirely. If your dog is splashed with water or is caught in the rain or snow, it will be fine.

However, it needs to be removed for bath time or any instance in which the collar may be fully submerged in water. It is not waterproof enough to hold up against submersion for long.

DogRook Dog Bark Collar Review

The Positives

Easy to Use

Nearly every tester described this anti bark device as easy to set up and use.

When it first arrives, you’ll need to connect the probes that are included in the package to the electrodes. After this, snap the faceplate off the front of the collar and install the battery.

Next, you will test it before placing it on your dog. When you see the red light on the device, you know it’s on.

First, blow air toward the small hole in between the probes. The device should beep. Do it again and you should hear another beep. Blow one more time, and you should hear a beep and feel a vibration.

Next, you’ll choose the sensitivity. It’s better to start on a lower sensitivity and move up as necessary. Now, you can place the collar on your dog, ensuring only one finger can fit in between the collar and your dog’s skin when secured.

From then on, when your dog barks, they will feel a vibration that is designed to eventually stop them from barking.


Users also appreciated the safety features of this dog collar. Since it does not use electricity to correct behavior, there’s no risk of your dog being harmed, no matter how much they bark or resist the training tool.

dogrook collar review

Instead, the vibrating design trains your dog with inconvenience, rather than pain. Though this method can be slower than traditional shock collars, users enjoyed the more humane approach and the reduced risk of glitches harming their pet.

After all, it’s nicer to correct an overly sensitive vibration than to risk your dog being routinely shocked.


While not every method will suit every dog, this DogRook Dog Bark Collar is reported as very effective by testers.

Users mentioned that their dogs barked less or stopped entirely after a few days or weeks of this training method.

Higher sensitivity settings worked ideally for small dogs with quieter barks, while lower settings fit larger dogs that could shake windows with their loud habits. Also, the vibration settings could be adjusted to train more stubborn canines, issuing a correction more readily if they weren’t getting the idea.

Over time, users were happy to find the noisy behavior reduced or entirely corrected. When you live in an apartment building or have a very barky dog, the peace and quiet this collar delivers is heaven-sent.


DogRook has made getting your dog’s barking under control super affordable. Priced at under $50 on Amazon, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this device.

This is great for users who want to test this more humane way of training their dog out since you won’t be required to spend hundreds of dollars on a new device.

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The purchase of the DogRook includes extra batteries and extra covers along with a training manual making this an even better value.

Customer Service

And while it’s affordable, DogRook wants you to be satisfied with your purchase, so they’ve also included a 1-year warranty to protect their customers further.

This warranty protects the customer against any manufacturing faults, promising to replace or repair the device should an issue be found.

They pride themselves on their great customer service, and customers have raved about their service department – you don’t have to worry about getting the runaround should you call about a concern or question.

Customers found that DogRook’s customer service department is attentive and helpful, sending replacement parts and giving advice when needed.

The Negatives

Fit Issues

Sadly, a few users noted problems fitting the collar to their dog. It’s important to ensure your dog matches the sizing requirements listed in the product description before you make a purchase.

This item only fits dogs between 11 and 110 pounds. Since that’s a wide variety, it’s wise to measure their neck and ensure it’ll fit properly.

An incorrect fit will not only reduce the effectiveness of this training method but also risks your dog hooking the collar on a fence or feeling choked.

Any dog bigger or smaller than this range, unfortunately, can’t use the Dog Bark collar. However, DogRook will likely come out with different sizes in the future.

dogrook collar review

Too Sensitive

Testers also reported sensitivity issues and the collar being too responsive to loud noises. A couple of users found that if they or guests spoke too loudly, the collar would vibrate.

One person even reported a noisy TV causing the collar to go off. This wasn’t a huge issue, nor was it a common one, but this is a glitch worth keeping an eye on.

If you begin at the lowest sensitivity and work up from there, according to your dog’s bark, you should be fine.

Not Waterproof

If you’re looking to take your pup for a swim with this collar, you’ll be disappointed.

While this anti-barking collar won’t be affected by a few splashes from a dog bowl, or a rainy afternoon, it is not supposed to be submerged under water. Since this device isn’t waterproof, it won’t survive.

If your dog likes to splash about in water or likes to go for swims, you’ll want to make sure they’re not wearing this collar while doing so as it most likely will come back dysfunctional.

Short Battery Life

Customers found the battery life on the DogRook Dog Bark Collar out of the package to be disappointing as well. It didn’t last as long as owners expected.

This was concerning for some owners who preferred to keep the collar on their dog for most of the day. Some users found the batteries to only last a couple of months which might end up being more frustrating for long term use.

Customers may have preferred a rechargeable battery but that said, you can work around this by buying more powerful batteries to replace the out-of-the-box ones.

Since this dog collar only takes one battery at a time, it won’t be too detrimental on your wallet to upgrade your power.

Here’s a video showing what the DogRook collar looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the DogRook Dog Bark Collar. It’s easy to set up, safe, and – based on the majority of tester feedback – highly effective.

What more could you ask for? If you are dealing with a dog that just won’t stop barking, it may be worth spending the dollars on Amazon to try it out. It could be your perfect fix.


While a few people had issues with this dog collar, most found it to be the perfect item for them and their dog. Many anti-bark devices rely on electricity to correct behavior, so this more humane alternative is certainly appealing.

Since it’s a collar, your dog will barely notice it. As a result, you’ll enjoy quieter home life with a less barky dog. For under $50, that’s a pretty good deal!

Just keep it out of water and play with the sensitivity levels, and you should have no problems at all.

Where to Buy the DogRook Dog Bark Collar

DogRook may be a new brand to the pet tool and accessory world, but they’ve certainly been able to appease customers with their line of bark collars.

They’ve made their products accessible, functional and affordable, allowing them to rise in popularity. That being said, their products are yet to be available at your usual retailers.

For this reason, it may prove hard to find the DogRook Dog Bark Collar both in-store and online. You can kick-start your search by checking out their website.

And thankfully, you’ll be able to find the anti-barking collar on Amazon.

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That’s the end of our DogRook Collar review. Tempted to give this collar a try?

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