Dogbed4less Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

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Not all dog beds are meant for all dogs, and going to the pet store can leave you with few options and a much lighter wallet. If you’re looking for an orthopedic bed, quality really matters.

This Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed from Dogbed4less comes in a variety of sizes, fits a budget, and has a long lifespan for a product of its kind.

That isn’t to say the bed is perfect, but depending on what you need, it may tick the box.

Let’s dive into the details with our full Dogbed4less Orthopedic Dog Bed Review.

Introducing the Dogbed4less Orthopedic Dog Bed

Once your dog reaches a certain age, it becomes increasingly important to provide a bed that offers the necessary support for those ageing muscles and limbs.

This gel memory foam mattress from Dogbed4less has some rave reviews. It offers excellent support for older dogs at a fair price.

  • Dimensions: 40 in. x 35 in. x 4 in.
  • Bed Material: Gel memory foam
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

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The Positives

Quality Mattress

This high density, hypoallergenic memory foam dog bed is made to regulate your dog’s temperature during their sleep. It helps in keeping your dog cool during the summer heat, without sacrificing your pet’s body warmth in the winter.

Your dog can’t exactly flip his or her bed over whenever the mattress becomes too warm – and this dog bed ensures that isn’t a problem, especially over long-term use.

The high density of the memory foam also supports proper alignment in your dog’s back, in addition to providing exact pressure point relief.

This is exceptional for dogs with bad joints or for owners that want to avoid future complications. Because of this density, there’s no need to worry about it flattening to the point where you can feel the floor, and the foam slowly returns to its former shape after a few moments.

The hypoallergenic quality means that the mattress is resistant to bacteria growth, the formation of mold and mildew, and other bed health concerns. So, even if washings are infrequent, you can be sure your pet is sleeping healthily.

Dogbed4less review

Covers Got You Covered

True to their name, Dogbed4less provides you with not only a waterproof liner and a cover for your mattress, but with an extra cover as well.

They include the heavy-duty, washable, navy blue, denim cover (a lot all in one!) along with a bonus MicroSuede brown cover to suit all of your needs.

They may not know if your dog is a rough and tumble kind of pet with a tendency to teethe on everything, or if they’re the kind that wants to lounge around in comfort – but Dogbed4less sure gives you the ability to pick and choose!

The covers can be machine washed and dried, and if you ever wish to purchase a new one or find a new color, you can check their website for single-purchase covers.

The Negatives

Man Versus Dog Dilemma

It’s a tale as old as time; like trying to get a kid to eat their vegetables or attempting to give a cat their medicine.

You may love the idea of an orthopedic bed for your dog, made of dense material that won’t shift around, so you know your dog has the best bed for their back, hips, or inflamed joints. However, your dog may have other ideas.

There’s a strong chance they won’t recognize that the bed, while not entirely comfortable, is actually good for them. This could leave the bed unused, and therefore, rather useless.

In these cases, you can train your dog to sleep there anyhow – but this may take effort from you.

Not Completely Waterproof

Just because the bed is plastic doesn’t mean that it’s completely waterproof.  Sound confusing? Well, if the lining is too thin, it can tear easily. Just because it’s resistant to water doesn’t mean it’s resistant to everything.

If you attempt to machine wash the waterproof lining for any reason, it can lose its waterproof integrity through micro tears in the plastic.

If the inner lining ever needs washing, it should be hand washed using a soft sponge and a little bit of elbow grease.

dogbed4less orthopedic dog bed review

Is It Worth Buying?

Do you want the best memory foam dog bed for the best price?

Well, the Dogbed4less Orthopedic Dog Bed is an excellent candidate.

There isn’t much to warrant buying it for a younger dog without any bone or joint issues, as the density of the bed might make the purchase a waste if they don’t need it.

Check to see what comfort levels your dog prefers, such as if they prefer falling asleep at your feet or curling up on your couch when you’ve turned your back for more than a minute.

For those of you specifically looking for the best orthopedic dog bed on a budget, you don’t have to look any further.

Unlike some softer, less dense memory foams, this won’t go to waste in a year or two. The durability of the foam is robust enough to last you five years, easy – which is considerable when measured against others of its kind.

Though this partially depends on the weight of your dog and how much it is used, it should still last you much longer than expected.

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