Dog Fence Guide: 7 Of The Best

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A dog is a friend for life, and naturally we want to keep them safe from harm.

But when you live somewhere with a large open terrain or if your dog is an escape artist, it can be difficult to keep them under control whilst giving them the natural space and freedom they need.

One solution is to install a dog fence.

wireless dog fence

Read on to find out more about how a dog fence can protect your dog and keep them safely enclosed where they should be.

What is a Dog Fence?

If a dog escapes or strays too far from home he runs the risk of getting lost, stolen, injured, causing damage to other people’s property — or worse still, crushed and killed by a passing car.

Dog fencing is one solution that can contain your dog safely within his designated space to give you peace of mind — even when you’re not at home to keep a watchful eye on your pet.

It’s effectively a humane dog containment system without a visible boundary.

The principle of dog fences is some sort of boundary with an electrical current that is activated when your dog approaches.

A tiny electrical current (often accompanied with some sort of alarm sound) is then transmitted to the dog’s collar, to discourage him from crossing the line.

A dog fence can be a very cost effective answer to a fencing problem.

Usually less expensive than a traditional wooden fence and far more effective, a dog fence can be installed without having to worry about neighborhood planning restrictions, and without changing the appearance of your yard or blocking your view of your private land.

Types of Dog Fence

In Ground / Invisible / Electric

The invisible dog fence (or in ground dog fence) is basically a buried wire which marks the desired perimeter that defines the space in which you want to contain your dog.

The buried wire then transmits a signal to a collar with a receiver.

If the dog starts to get too close to the wire a warning signal will beep to deter the dog from coming closer.

If the dog then continues to approach the wire, a small electrical shock is administered to the dog via the contact points inside the collar. This tells the dog clearly where he can and cannot go.

Remember that you’ll need to install an underground dog fence. This shouldn’t be too problematic — but check out this video if you are having problems:

Wireless / Invisible / Portable

A wireless dog fence works on the basis of an electrical wireless transmitter which is plugged into a socket somewhere within the home (usually the garage) which then sends an electrical signal to a special collar with a receiver.

This electrical signal is then given a range (different products have different maximum ranges).

Once the dog steps outside this range the contact points on the collar deliver a small electrical charge which shocks the dog and discourages him from going any further.

Once safely inside the desired range, the electrical charge to the collar stops.

Unlike the in ground electrical dog fence system, this the wireless fence is portable. It’s worth bearing in mind though that the wireless system operates on a circular range rather than a specified boundary which can be any shape.

Pros and Cons of Dog Fences

Whilst electric dog fences are widely regarded as an effective method of dog control, there are both benefits and potential drawbacks to using them which every dog owner should take into account before making the decision to install one.

If in doubt our advice is to consult your vet and see whether they think that this is an effective solution for your dog.


  1. Electric fences are invisible so don’t interfere with the visual aesthetic of your yard
  2. No need to worry about zoning restrictions or annoying the neighbours by erecting a large fence
  3. Wireless fences are portable and can be taken with you and used wherever you go
  4. No physical fence around your yard to maintain
  5. Effective method of dog containment
  6. Relatively inexpensive
  7. Electric fences give dogs the maximum amount of space to roam without running the risk of going too far and escaping

electric dog fence


  1. Large objects in the yard such as trees and bushes may obstruct the signal
  2. Can be potentially harmful to puppies or small dogs — make sure that the shock level is correct for your dog
  3. Electric dog fences can only keep your dog in, they won’t stop other animals from getting into your yard
  4. In rare cases electric fences can have a negative effect and cause dogs to run away because they dislike the shock
  5. Electric fences are a form of negative reinforcement rather than positive

The Best Dog Fence Reviews

Mockins Rechargeable Concealed In-Ground Pet Containment Fence System

dog fence
Once installed, this in ground dog fence from Mockins is totally invisible.

This customizable fence can be installed wherever you choose and will give your canine companion up to 50,000 square feet in which they can roam without worry.

The rechargeable shock collar is waterproof and will work in all weathers and can be controlled using the included remote control from wherever you are on your property.

If your pooch gets too close to the boundary line an alarm will sound to warn him. The closer he gets a low electrical vibration which increases in intensity will be emitted from the collar to discourage him going further.

This electric dog fence also comes with a set of flags which can be set up along the boundary to help your dog learn his limits as quickly as possible.

It’s suitable for pets weighing over 8 lbs.


  • Very effective
  • 100% safe
  • Customizable
  • Dogs learn quickly
  • Can also be used on cats
  • Waterproof collar
  • Good value for money
  • Covers over 50,000 square feet


  • Can take time to install

dog fence

Containment Fence – Hidden Dog Fence

invisible dog fence
Containment Fence have used all the latest technology when designing this invisible dog electric fence.

High quality wire can be buried underground to give your dog up to 1.2 acres of space to run and play safely.

The high tech dog collar has a range of 5 acres, and is fully adjustable to fit any breed of dog.

The collar has five different settings which come into action the closer your dog gets to the boundary edge. At the lowest level it flashes and emits a simple vibration along with a beeping noise to alert your dog he is getting closer, and at the highest level it flashes, beeps and gives your dog a small electrical shock.

The collar is also fully waterproof — great for dogs that like to go swimming!


  • Durable, quality product
  • Safe
  • Works effectively
  • Easy to set up
  • Gives a good amount of space for dogs to wander
  • Money back guarantee


  • A little expensive

dog fence

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

electric dog fence

Simply dig the provided wire into the ground to provide your dog with up to 1/3 of an acre of space.

PetSafe have included a set of 50 flags with this product to give your dog an additional visual aid as to where his boundaries are.

This system includes a safety time out feature in the case of an electronic issue, and will cut off the electric current after 30 seconds to protect your pet.

Designed for dogs over 8lbs in weight, the adjustable collar is waterproof and features four different levels of static correction.

>>> Read our indepth review of the PetSafe In-Ground Fence


  • Range can be expanded with purchase of additional sets
  • Can be used on more than one pet with purchase of additional collars
  • Reasonably priced
  • Works well for most breeds
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Fully customizable — ability to create ‘keep-out areas’
  • Safe
  • Collar is lightweight and waterproof
  • Long battery life with a low battery indicator


  • Wire is a little flimsy
  • The plastic snap on the collar is a little flimsy too and could be broken by particularly active dogs

dog fence

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

electric fence for dogs
Along with their above in ground electric fence for dogs, Petsafe also have a wireless version.

The adjustable range transmitter works up to 90 feet in any direction without having to bury any wires.

The waterproof and adjustable collar is suitable for dogs weighing 8 lbs and above, and features 5 levels of static correction and includes a safety cut out after 30 seconds if your dog should escape the boundary.

Batteries are required to run the collar, but a helpful warning beep will sound to let you know when power is running low.

Should only be used with dogs aged 6 months or older.


  • Very easy to install
  • Effective static shock system
  • Easily adjustable boundary radius
  • Less expensive than some other wireless dog fences
  • Collar is waterproof, adjustable, with a low battery indicator
  • 5 levels of correction, plus a tone-only mode for training purposes
  • Portable — great for traveling


  • Only covers up to 90 feet/half an acre
  • Reasonably expensive

dog fence

Dr. Tiger Electric Dog Fence

underground dog fence
The electric pet containment system by Dr Tiger comes with two collars included — ideal for the multiple dog family.

Both collars are made from tough nylon and are adjustable and rain proof.

The receivers are fitted with rechargeable batteries and will emit a warning beep if your dog starts to stray too close to the limit, followed by a sequence of increasingly powerful static shocks if the dog continues to cross the boundary.

This is an in ground invisible dog fence with a wire length of 656 feet.

In the event of the wire being broken this system is fitted with a light and sound alarm to let you know immediately. Also supplied are 20 flags for use as training aids.

This system is suitable for dogs weighing between 10 to 120 lbs.


  • Reasonable price for a two collar system
  • Can use either sound warning or static shock correction
  • Static shock is effective
  • Collars are easy to recharge
  • Early warning signals for broken wire
  • Comes with training tools


  • Wire could be better quality as some users report breakage
  • The shock level is not adjustable — not ideal for small or aggressive dogs who need careful handling

dog fence

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

dog fences
If you’re looking for a heavy duty in ground electric dog fencing system with good range then the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System could well suit your requirements.

With a 1000 foot length of heavy duty wire, this system is well suited to larger terrains up to 1 1/3 acres.

The transmitter is weatherproof and can be mounted outdoors to provide greater range and is fitted with a lightning protector to prevent damage or energy surges.

1 fully adjustable waterproof collar is included, and is fitted with a rechargeable battery. Choose between 4 levels of sound warnings or static shocks.

This system is for use on dogs with a weight of 10lbs or more. 100 flags are included to give your dog a visual aspect of the terrain boundary and help him learn more quickly during your training sessions.


  • System can be easily expanded with the purchase of add-ons
  • Easy to install
  • System gives good results for most dogs
  • Gives the choice between sound or vibration warnings or static shock or a combination
  • Collar is tough and durable
  • Expandable to 100 acres and unlimited dogs
  • Collars have long battery life with a low battery indicator
  • Anti-linger feature to stop your dog running the battery down


  • Expensive (but you get what you pay for!)

dog fence

FunAce 100% Wireless Pet Containment System

wireless dog fence
A totally wireless design, the FunAce 100% Wireless Pet Containment System can cover up to a maximum of 500 foot in any given direction which means it has got great range.

If at any time your dog is outside the transmission area the receiver in the water resistant, rechargeable collar will provide a static shock which lasts a maximum of 54 seconds after which it will cut out before giving another burst.

This wireless dog fence system is designed with particularly stubborn dogs in mind and can be used on any dog weighing over 10lbs.

The system is easily expanded to include any number of dogs with the purchase of additional collars.


  • Transmitter covers a large area – up to 17 acres in total
  • System includes flags as a visual aid
  • Very easy to install
  • Very effective
  • Collar is water resistant and rechargeable
  • Useful even when on vacation camping with the dogs


  • Expensive
  • Only for use on large estates — needs a minimum of 50 feet from house to boundary

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