Dog Care Training Collar Review

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Training a dog by yourself can seem impossible, but, luckily, there are many products on the market to help you – including the Dog Care Training collar.

It uses static shock, vibration, and sound to get your dog’s attention, with the aim to improve their training process. As a bonus, it’s easy to set up (requiring only a few minutes) and was designed with safety in mind.


dog shock collar

With that said, not all pet owners loved this training collar. Some complained about the battery not holding its charge for long enough, for instance.

Were these rare complaints, or is this collar not worth your money? To help you make a great buying decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Dog Care Training Collar and find out.

Dog Care Training Collar: The Details

Static Levels:

The static levels on the Dog Care Training Collar range from 0 to 99 and can be adjusted to any level in between, via the transmitter.

It all depends on what you’re comfortable with and what your dog best responds to.

Suitable for Dog Sizes:

The collar is best for medium to large dogs. It’s, unfortunately, too big for smaller dogs and is especially ill-suited for toy breeds.

To ensure the collar will fit, double check the measurements against the width of your dog’s neck.

Training Modes:

There are three different training modes:

  • Static shock: Emits a small shock.
  • Vibration: Causes the collar to buzz.
  • Sound: Makes a beeping noise as an alert to your dog.

dog care training collar review

Remote Range:

The remote transmitter works up to 330 yards away from the collar, which is a little under a quarter of a mile.

How Many Dogs Per Transmitter:

One transmitter can work on up to nine dogs. After that, you will need to get another transmitter.


The Dog Care Training Collar is 100% waterproof. As such, your dog can splash in puddles, get soaked in the rain, or just get wet during bath-time (or in the pool) without danger.

The collar is made of strong ABS plastic, which can withstand the water and your dog’s movements.

Dog Care Training Collar Review

The Positives

Easy to Set Up

When initially setting up this collar, first, be sure to charge the receiver and the transmitter. It’ll only take a couple of hours before it has reached full battery. After this, you’re free to test it out.

Before placing it on your dog, test the collar on your hand to see if the level of vibration or shock is to your liking. If it is, put it around your pet’s neck and test it again. Once it’s clear they can feel something, you’re all set.

Overall, the set-up process is quick and easy with not much fussing about. As long as it has a charge, you can operate the collar via its included transmitter.

Easy to Use

Easy set-up is delightful, but, luckily, the Dog Care Training Collar is just as easy to use. While you’re training your pet, you can leverage the transmitter to train or warn them about bad behavior.

You also have three different options for the actions you can send to their collar, allowing you to customize the training. Specifically, the big orange button is for the static shock. The collar will give them a slight jolt to get their attention.

dog care training collar review

There is also a beep button and a vibration button. The beep button emits a noise to alert them they need to listen, and the vibration button sends a small buzz to the collar.

As such, with a transmitter in hand, you can enjoy full control over your dog’s training – without having to chase after them or keep the dog at your side.

This thorough coverage can help discipline be more effective, so, as you train your dog, you can use the transmitter less and less.


The idea of shocking your pet may seem frightening, but Dog Care has ensured it’s safe. The shock is light enough to keep your pet from being hurt.

It’s also adjustable, so you can alter the intensity based on your dog’s resilience, sensitivity, or learning curve.

If you’re still worried, the vibration and sound functions work just as well. You know what your dog will respond to best.

In any case, the options you choose from will each be entirely safe for your pet. Just remember: This is a training tool not intended for permanent or long-term use.


Anything designed for pets – especially dogs – has to be durable. Luckily, Dog Care made this collar out of heavy-duty ABS plastic, so even if your pet deals out abuse, it can resist the damage.

Whether they’re playing rough or rolling in something they shouldn’t, there’s no worry of the collar breaking.

Additionally, since the collar is entirely waterproof, you can give your dog a bath, let them swim in a pool, or even allow them to run in the rain without concern for the shock feature. It won’t malfunction or break down.

This means you can leave this collar on as long as you need to without worry about something (or your pup) causing damage to it. It adds convenience, giving you less to worry about as a pet owner.


If you’re on a budget, or just want to try out this method of training without breaking the bank, this dog collar allows you to do just that.

This company has made dog training super affordable. So not only will this dog collar help you forgo spending money on a trainer, but it’s cheap to purchase right off the bat.

dog care training collar review

At under $50 on Amazon, you won’t be digging too deep into your wallet with this purchase. This frees up your bank account to purchase other pup necessities that your dog may need.

With your purchase you’ll also be entitled to a 6-month warranty, protecting you against any damages from manufacturing that you may find in the dog collar.

Should you notice that something isn’t as advertised, you’ll need to contact the company where they promise to repair or replace your product. If purchasing through Amazon, you’ll also be entitled to Amazon’s great customer service and return policy.


The remote control and the waterproof features on this dog collar make it a convenient option for training your pup.

You’re not limited to one function with the Dog Care Training Collar, and its rugged design means you won’t have to be replacing it anytime soon, saving you both time and money overall.

Since this dog collar can support up to nine dogs, it makes it a super convenient item to have if you have a number of pups to train.

The Negatives

Short Charge Hold

Even with all the perks, no product is flawless. Testers were displeased with this collar and transmitter’s ability to hold a charge.

dog care training collar review

Dog Care states that a single charge for the collar should last 15 days, with the transmitter lasting 45 days. However, that’s not what testers experienced.

The battery for the collar lasted a week, if not less. Make sure to charge these as often as you can to ensure they work properly.

Not for Small Dogs

A couple of testers also mentioned that, while the collar is adjustable, it is not suited to very small dogs. It will be too big for any toy breed, like a chihuahua, a small terrier, or a pug.

If you have a medium-sized to large dog, you will be fine. Hopefully, Dog Care will unveil smaller models in the future.

Bulky Design

While some owners noted that this collar seemed to fit seamlessly on bigger dogs, when it came to smaller dogs that the collar did fit, it tended to shoot out making it look bulky and chunky.

Some owners wished for a slimmer design but this wasn’t the overall attitude to the collar. If you have a stylish pup and you’re worried about how it fits, hanging on to the warranty will save your dog a fashion faux pas.

Here’s a video showing what the Dog Care collar looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Dog Care Training Collar.

The different training options, the ease of use, and the fact that it’s waterproof combine to make a great product. When you need extra help training your dog, it performs well.

The only real concern is the charge capacity; its battery doesn’t appear to last long. However, since you’ll only use the collar until your dog is trained, it’s not too much of an inconvenience.

If you’re endeavoring to train a pup, but aren’t having any luck, this collar may be just the item you need.


Training a dog on your own can be arduous, especially if you’re dealing with a young pup. Getting them to obey you – rather than just sprinting all over the house – is a challenge.

However, with items like the Dog Care Training Collar, you can apply training more directly, effectively, and with less effort. They’ll be sitting, staying, and rolling over in no time.

Where to Buy the Dog Care Training Collar

This company has a number of pet care products and accessories available in their product line-up, and this training collar is just one example of their affordable and accessible items.

They’ve been receiving good feedback from customers on their product, allowing their popularity to grow bit by bit. As such, you’ll be able to find items like the Dog Care Training Collar both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check pet supply and specialty stores, you can kickstart your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this dog shock collar on Amazon.

dog care training collar review

That’s the end of our Dog Care training collar review. Tempted to give this collar a try?

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