The Dog Blog

Welcome to our dedicated dog blog, where you can find a selection of Owner's Guides for anybody who wants to raise a healthier, happier best friend.

Here we cover a variety of topics, from understanding dog behavior and the unique quirks of each breed, to improving canine health and providing a better pup-friendly environment in the home.

We also run regular Breed Spotlights where we take a look at some interesting (and rare) mixes, as well as types of breed that are gaining in popularity.

can dogs get skin tags

Why Do Dogs Get Skin Tags?


What does it mean if your dog developments a weird lump on their skin? Is it a sign for concern or completely harmless? Even the most veteran dog owner can…

The Breed Spotlight Series

It's not just huskies we're crazy about!

Our Breed Spotlight series profiles some of the most popular, unique and unusual breeds. Both of the purebred and mixed varieties.

Looking to learn more about the 'trendy' dogs of the moment? Want to get an idea of different breeds and what to expect from them before buying/adopting? This series is for you!

big dog breeds

Largest Dog Breed Guide


This guide is all about the biggest of the big, the giant dog breeds with big paws, big claws, and big personalities. When welcoming a big dog into the family,…