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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? It’s time to throw away those sticks and look toward engaging, modern toys to keep your dog entertained, while also encouraging them to use their brain!

There are so many innovative new toys on the market that call upon your furry friend’s natural instincts, to provide a winning combination of education and entertainment that’s hard to beat.

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You may be amazed at the sort of reasoning skills your pup has been hiding, especially when you watch them interact with a toy like the CleverPet Hub.

Check out the following CleverPet Hub review to see why this innovative new toy may be the next great addition to your dog’s collection!

What is the CleverPet Hub?

The CleverPet Hub is a revolutionary new way of training, feeding, and entertaining your dog — all at the same time!

Originally funded as a small project on Kickstarter and designed by a team of animal-loving neuroscientists, this product describes itself as the first game console designed for dogs.

The Hub is shaped as a small dome surrounded by touch-sensitive lights upon its circular base.

Its play style is reminiscent of Simon Says; your dog responds to the pattern of lights and repeats them with the touch of their paw in order to earn the kibble stored within its inner dome.

The miraculous part of the CleverPet Hub is its ability to adapt this puzzle to match your dog’s intelligence.

Offering anywhere from 50-300 plays a day, the console is capable of adjusting its challenge level from simple single-touch beginner games to complex pattern-memorizing that will keep your dog engaged and learning day after day.

cleverpet hub

No matter their energy levels or temperament, the CleverPet Hub can provide brain exercises for dogs of all kinds.

CleverPet Hub Pros

Quality Design

The smooth surface of the CleverPet Hub’s dome is made of resilient material that won’t scratch or crack under your dog’s teeth or claws.

Combined with its low center of gravity and slip-resistant base, this hardy toy can withstand abuse from even the largest dog breeds without fear of breaking.

Furthermore, sensitive touch-sensors keep your dog from pinching their nose or toes on any part of the dome.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential

With a reactive and always-evolving system, the CleverPet Hub is able to consistently present your dog with a challenge that will keep them learning and growing.

The game is even smart enough to adjust its difficulty during the course of a day, tracking your dog’s abilities and adjusting to better suit them every time they engage.

Over the course of weeks and months, you will get the joy of watching your dog reveal just how clever they really are!

All Day Entertainment

You can rely on the CleverPet Hub to keep your dog fed and entertained, even when you aren’t home!

Its durable design alleviates any fear of damage, and with up to 300 plays allowed per day, your dog can keep themselves full on as much kibble as they need.

Better yet, if you want to monitor your dog’s progress, all you have to do is download the CleverPet app (available on both iPhone and Android) and you can track your pup from anywhere with a good Wi-Fi signal!

cleverpet hub

More Great Features:

  • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Easy access to support through e-mail, telephone, or in-app services.

CleverPet Hub Cons

For Food-Motivated Dogs

While most dogs are easily motivated by food rewards, there are a select few who aren’t eager to work for their meals.

This may not be the best choice for especially lazy or skiddish dogs who may not be interested in a purely food-motivated brain workout.

However, it is worth noting that some pet owners have shown remarkable success when presenting the toy to dogs suffering from bouts of anxiety!

Requires a Good Wi-Fi Signal

Both Wi-Fi and a smartphone are needed to use the CleverPut Hub, which may not be feasible for all families.

Also, the system currently does not support either the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the S7.

The app is still lacking in finesse, but luckily there is an easily accessible support line for whenever you’re having trouble.

Here’s a video showing what the CleverPet Hub looks like out of the box and in use.

The CleverPet Hub Verdict

When it comes to exercise games for dogs, this one is a no brainer!

There’s a whole lot of genuine thought and care that went into the production of the CleverPet Hub, and it shows in its seamless design and incredible programming.

Not only will you get to entertain your dog and keep them well-fed, but you’ll both share in the joy of helping them learn to rationalize, solve problems, and challenge themselves day after day with the help of this innovative little tool.

And, with its partnering app, keeping track of your pup’s progress is only a swipe away!

We highly recommend the CleverPet Hub to anyone looking for a fun, brain-boosting way to keep their dog busy.

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