Huskita Mix: A Guide to the Husky Akita

Huskita mix

The combination of two ancient breeds, the Siberian Huskey and Akita Inu, has created the Huskita. These hybrid Russian and Japanese dogs are intelligent, loyal companions for people with very active lifestyles.  Huskitas possess the best qualities of Huskies and Akitas. These large, friendly, athletic dogs reach 50-75 pounds and stand about 20-25 inches at …

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Mini Labrador Retriever: A Guide to Mini Labs

mini labs

You should know by now that we’re a fan of all mini dogs. Our latest obsession? The Miniature Labrador. Among dog owners, Labrador retrievers are widely considered one of the most dependable, loving breeds you’ll find, popular as both intelligent service animals and reliable family pets. According to the American Kennel Club, they’ve been the …

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7 Worst Shedding Dog Breeds

heaviest shedding dog breeds

What are the worst shedding dogs? Let’s get one thing straight — we love all breeds, but it has to be said that some breeds are heavier shedders than others. With these dogs, you’ll find their hair absolutely everywhere. On your clothes, furniture, curtains — and even in the carpets! If you’re prone to allergies, you might want …

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Everything You Need To Know About The Silver Lab

silver lab breeders

Friendly, smart, and cuddly to boot, Labrador Retrievers are known and loved all over the world as working dogs and family pets. Their sweet-natured temperaments and non-threatening appearance make them incredibly sought after as The Quintessential Family Dog. Lots of people are familiar with the Yellow, or Golden, Labrador; if you’ve been to a couple …

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The Goberian Guide: Husky Golden Retriever Mix


Ever wondered what a Husky Golden Retriever mix might look like? Enter the Goberian. If you’re considering a mixed breed dog as your next pet, you may be hard-pressed to find a more loyal and attractive companion than the Goberian. While cross-breeds of all shapes and sizes have always been favorable with dog lovers everywhere, …

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