Black Friday 2016: The Best Deals For Dog Toys & Other Supplies


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You heard right, folks — the mega sale is already here, and there are some cracking Black Friday dog toys and other supplies on offer.

From crates to toys to food to grooming accessories to bark collars — everything you can think of!

Black Friday 2016 is running from Monday 14 November to Friday 25 November, which means that you have more chance than ever before to stock up on all your discount dog supplies.

(Plus find a few doggy stocking fillers for Christmas Day!)

black friday dog toys

Here are a few of the best deals available on Amazon right now for Black Friday pet supplies. We’ll be updating this list as and when new brilliant deals are announced.

Please note: we’ve included a handful of ‘lightning deals’ which may have expired by the time you read this

Black Friday Dog Toys

KONG Tugger Dog Tug Toy
black friday kong toys

Pups will love this tug toy from KONG — and so will you! It’s super durable, with multi-layered fabric and looped ropes to absorb the tug stress, while dogs will love the realistic feel of the knotted rope with minimal stuffing.

It’s available in two different sizes and four different animal sizes: moose, lion, monkey and frog.

black friday dog toys

Spare Tires Dog Toy

This cool dog toy is a rope and a tire in one — great for the pup who loves to play fetch and tug of war!

It’s made of heavy duty rubber that should withstand the heaviest of chewers and is big enough for large dogs.

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As well as working out your dog’s jaw, it also helps to keep their teeth clean — the raised pawprint design allows them to get a real bite on the toy while massaging the gums, and the threads of the cotton rope will floss their teeth.

black friday dog toys

ExPAWlorer Cotton Dental Teaser Rope Toy


This rope chew toy in the shape of a giraffe is perfect for pets who like to get their chew on while cuddling up to a new animal pal.

The bright yellow color means that it’s hard to lose — even outside — and the threads of the cotton will be able to floss your dog’s teeth and pass easily through the digestive system if they are swallowed.

Thankfully, the dye used is non-toxic and the rope pure cotton.

black friday dog toys

Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Bumpy Bone Dog Toy

Your pup will be hard pressed to resist this meat supreme pizza flavored dog chew, that’s perfect for heavy chewing huskies.

Thankfully, there’s no calories!

It’s super strong but provides a long-lasting and satisfying chew. Perfect.

black friday dog toys

Outward Hound Treat Triad Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

Now THIS is what we’d call a dog toy.

Made up of 3 separate treat chambers, this puzzle toy will keep your pup engaged physically and mentally for longer than any normal toy. Don’t worry about it being too difficult or easy — there’s an adjustable difficulty knob on the bottom!

While you should always supervise your dog during play, rest assured that this toy is free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Dog Beds & Crates

Walky Dog Pet Tube Container for the Car

black friday dog beds

This pet tube is great for keeping your dog secure during long distance car drives. It attaches easily to the rear sear and has seat belt loops sewn in for safety.

It’s big enough to contain your dog as well as all his water, food and toys. When you want to store it, simply collapse it and carry it with the carry handle.

The reinforced nylon bottom protects your car seat from pet hair and dirt while the claw-proof mesh canopy top allows plenty of ventilation and for your dog to see what’s going on outside as you drive.

black friday dog toys

Petmaker Orthopedic Super Foam Pet Bed

black friday dog beds

Ideal for older dogs or those struggling with joint problems like arthritis, this orthopedic bed is super supportive with a 3lb density foam core.

Its microsuede cover is super cozy and comfortable while the zippered cover is removable for washing. It’s also water resistant.

black friday dog toys

goDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology

black friday dog beds

This durable dog bed is a great fit for crates and kennels. It’s super soft, as it’s constructed of soft, high pile plush, anad has a cushioned bolster border for your pup to lay down next to.

It’s also got a no-skid bottom and also benefits from Chew Guard Technology.

black friday dog toys

Parachute Pet Products Wide Bench Car Seat Protector

black friday dog toys
This is an Amazing Black Friday deal for this car seat protector with a non-slip backing.

It’s machine washable, has a removable zipper, and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

black friday dog toys

MidWest Exercise Pen

This generously sized and securely double-latched exercise pen is enjoying some cracking discounts right now.

It’s available in 5 different sizes from 24″ to 48″ in height and provides 16 square feet of play room for your pup. It also stores flat so can be stored easily.

An anti-rust finish ensures longevity and the easy set up means that you don’t need any tools.

black friday dog toys
Ombre Swirl Dog Bed

Perfect for both use in crates and as a stand-alone bed, this Black Friday dog bed deal is a super comfortable resting place for your pup.

The material is an ultra-soft synthetic fur and is overstuffed with a non-skid bottom. Thankfully it’s also machine washable and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s available in 10 different sizes, in a subtle ombre swirl pattern, perfect for the smallest Chihuahua up to the biggest husky.

black friday dog toys

PlayaPup Pressure Activated Heating Dog Mat

This pressure-activated heated dog mat is set to a constant 102°F, as recommended by vets.

It automatically turns on when your dog lies down on it and turns itself off when they move off of it.

This would work well in a crate, within an otherwise cold dog bed, or as a stand-alone bed. It has a soft fleece cover which is both comfortable and washable. The cord is chew resistant too.

black friday dog toys

Mason Pineapple Memory Foam Mat

Now this is true pup luxury.

This bed is made with 2 inches of premium memory foam which cradles stiff joints and relieves any pressure points your dog is suffering from.

It comes in 3 different sizes, fits in crates and also has a removable, washable cover.

black friday dog toys

Kurgo Loft Dog Bed Duvet Cover

This dog bed combines both comfort and convenience.

It’s available in three different colors and two sizes: medium and large.

This Black Friday dog bed deal is super durable: made of microtomic nylon ripstop fabric, it also enjoys an extra-large zipper to take it on and off for easy machine washing.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Anti Bark Collars

Gerapets Premium Advance No Bark Collar Kit

This anti bark training collar is suitable for dogs weighing between 15 and 120 pounds, and sports 7 adjustable sensitivity levels of warning sounds and mild shocks, which is only triggered by your dog’s barking.

It’s also very easy to use with an adjustable locking nylon collar that works automatically as soon as you install the included battery. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted with one touch buttons on the collar itself.

The product also comes with a free clicker/whistle, training ebook and an extra battery.

black friday dog toys

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

This Amazon bestselling anti-bark dog collar is a worthy small investment if you’ve got a yapping dog at your heels all day.

It offers 6 levels of progressive static stimulation to reduce and even eliminate excessive barking, starting at the lowest level and only increasing if the barking continues. It shuts off after 80 seconds for safety reasons.

The device detects your dog’s bark via vibration for accurate recording and statistics.

Waterproof up to 5 feet, this is a great purchase for an outdoorsy dog who likes to bark when they meet other dogs.

black friday dog toys

Petrainer Anti Bark Electric Collar

This is another anti bark collar Black Friday deal, and again, it’s waterproof and rechargeable.

There’s also 6 different intensity levels and 7 sensitivity levels, adjustable according to your individual dog’s temperament and certain environments. It also benefits from a vibration warning prior to stimulation in Vibration Mode.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Dog Grooming Deals

Hertzko Rounded Blade Undercoat Dematting Comb
black friday dog toys

This is a great comb for removing dead hair from undercoats — ideal for dogs with a double coat.

The long blades have rounded ends for safety, and it’s still efficient at removing tangles and mats.

black friday dog toys

Mars Double Wide Stainless Steel Coat Pet Stripper
black friday dog toys

This grooming is perfect for pups with a double coat, like huskies, golden retrievers and labradors. It can be used to trim the undercoat, remove dead hair and even works to demat the coat.

There are 4 different blade configurations to choose from, from 12 to 30 blades.

black friday dog toys

Keten Pet Nail Grinder Electric Grooming Trimmer Clippers

These are the ultimate nail clippers for your pup, built with a mute motor and wide application that will fit all sizes of ail.

They’re also easy to operate with just one control button and grounding complete in mere seconds. These clippers are safer than traditional nail clippers as you can’t cut nails too short or hurt your pup with the tool.

black friday dog toys
Hertzko Pin Brush

The Hertzko is a great everyday brush for dogs, effectively removing the loose undercoat and any dead hair. It also detangles and prevents any mats.

Made with rounded ends, you can be sure that the Hertzko is safe and gentle on your dog, and even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Dog Webcam

Furbo Fog Camera

Equipped with a HD WiFi camera, 2-way audio and even treat tossing abilities, this is a great tool for people who spend time away from their pets — whether that’s during the day at work or if they’re spending time at somebody else’s home.

You need to download the free Furbo app for iOS and Android, which allows you to ‘treat toss’, after you fill the camera with up to 30 pieces of treat or kibble.

The camera has night vision, 720p HD video streaming, 120° wide angle view, two way chat, photo and video shortage, and barking alerts via push notifications.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Dog Carrier

WPS Removable Wheeled Airline Approved Pet Carrier for Small Pets

This super strong, wheeled, airline-approved pet carrier is perfect for small dogs like Mini Huskies.

For your dog’s comfort, it features mesh panels for plenty of air flow and a removable plush mat.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Dog Training

Large Australian Goat Horn Dog Chews

These Best Bully Sticks goat horns are 100% natural and free from additives, hormones and other unhealthy chemicals. They do have plenty of keratin included in them, which is known to support healthy skin and coat.

Goat horn chews are a better alternative to rawhide chews as they’re made of just one single ingredient and are fully digestible.

They also support dental health, helping to scrape any tartar and plaque.

black friday dog toys

Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

This is the number one bestseller in retractable dog leashes, and is subject to a cracking discount this Black Friday.

It has a secure locking mechanisms that adapts to whatever length you want, along with a brake button that stops the leash as long as the button is pushed. The leash itself is super durable and strong, extending up to 16 feet.

This Hertzko leash can carry dogs up to 110 lbs, has a comfort grip and anti-slip handle.

black friday dog toys

PetAZ Dog Training Collar with Remote

black friday dog deals

This shock collar strap fits all dogs weighing between 15 to 100 lbs, is super durable and easily adjustable. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and has a long range distance control of up to 330 yards.

The accompanying remote is LED backlit with an LCD display, and can be used in both the day and nighttime.

It comes with a 100% manufacturer money back guarantee if you have any issues.

black friday dog toys

Zacro Rechargeable Dog Training Collar
black friday dog toys

This training collar comes with a wireless remote for owner control, as well as three different training modes for your dog: static shock stimulation, vibration, and sound. There are 8 adjustable levels of vibration and stimulation within these modes.

The operational range is up to 800 yards, giving you unparalleled long distance control — even when you’re in the park!

It’s available for either one or two dogs.

black friday dog toys

Olivery Heavy Duty Rope Leash
black friday dog toys

This heavy duty rope leash is perfect for agility and obedience training with your pup, as well as just for everyday walking.

It also comes with a free training eBook!

With a Martingale braided collar which self adjusts when pressure is applied, this leash works for both you and your dog. It’s both super strong — with 8 braided nylon threads, meeting search and rescue standards — and versatile — with 360 rotatable connections for easy movement.

It comes with a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

black friday dog toys

X-Mat Original Pet Training Mat

This firm, 18 inch training mat consists of a patented design that’s recommended by dog trainers for keeping your pup off the furniture and safely on the floor.

It’s also available in a foldable design.

black friday dog toys

Black Friday Dog Jackets and Harnesses

Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka for Dogs

This cute dog parka combines fashion and function, and is available in 13 sizes and 3 different colors.

It’s been specially designed to stay in place even as your dog moves about and plays outdoors. It has attachment loops for your dog’s back legs, as well as an adjustable back length, belt and collar.

The Hurtta Summit insulates short haired dogs, keeping their body temperature stable, and is also waterproof and highly visible with 3M reflectors.

black friday dog toys


And that’s the best of the Black Friday dog toy deals and other supplies. Keep checking back as we update this post with the latest best deals.

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