Bissell Barkbath QT Review


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Washing your dog can be a trial. Not only do you have to wrangle your best friend into the bath, but you have to deal with the mess they leave behind: water everywhere along with fur, soap, and dirt.

Luckily, the Bissell Barkbath QuietTone Portable Dog Bath is looking to make your dog’s bath time simpler and more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

bissell barkbath review

The Bissell Barkbath is the best dog bath for skittish pets; it is quiet, fast, and boasted as one of the least messy approaches to bathing your pup.

Bissell Barkbath QuietTone Portable Dog Bath: The Details

What makes the Bissell Barkbath so special, though? Let’s take a glance:


  • Size: 8 in x 17 in x 12 in.
  • Weight: 9 lbs.


All-in-One Groomer

If you’re looking for a bath that does it all, then the Bissell Barkbath QuietTone Portable Dog Bath is right for you.

Set the bath up with water in its 48 oz. tank, and let the warm water tap heat everything to its ideal temperature. This capacity ensures that you will be able to clean a dog of up to 80 lbs., all in one use of the bath.

Once your water is prepared, make use of the included 16 oz. bottle of BISSELL Clean & Fresh No-Rinse Dog Shampoo, in order to work out all of the grime in your dog’s undercoat.

The dirty water from the bath will move into a separate tank as you use it, ensuring that your dog never gets re-exposed to the same dirt you just removed from their fur.

In terms of at home dog grooming, you can’t get more all-inclusive.

bath for dog grooming

No Splash Zone

The Bissell Barkbath QuietTone Portable Dog Bath is specifically designed to keep your pup’s bath water in the tub and not on your floors (or on you).

As such, Bissell has taken steps to ensure that any bath your dog takes in their portable design will be a stress-free one.

The bath is exceptionally quiet; there’s no extra whirring or noises that may frighten your furry friend.

The two of you will be able to leave the bath squeaky clean and calm – and you won’t have to change clothes when it’s all done!

Additional Nozzles

When we say that this bath will get your dog squeaky clean, we mean it.

The Bissell Barkbath comes with a thirteen-foot hose to help you reach all sides of your pup, as well as several additional hose nozzles that will ensure the water and shampoo clean more than just your dog’s top coat.

Bissell prides its nozzles for their ability to spray down to a dog’s skin, all while remaining gentle and non-frightening.

Other features of the Bissell Barkbath QuietTone Portable Dog Bath include:

  • BARKBATH bathing tool.
  • Sound-Dampening Mat.
  • Microfiber Towel.
  • A Storage Bag.

Bissell Barkbath QT Review

Those are the details – but is the Bissell Barkbath the best dog bath for you?

The Positives

Calm and Collected

Bissell designed its Barkbath QuietTone to be convenient for owners and their dogs. As such, the bath is super lightweight and easy to carry; even though it comes with extra goodies, it isn’t a complicated bath, and any owner should be able to use it with little trouble.

Dogs are notoriously difficult to bathe, though – the whole experience can be stressful for them, which is why they, in turn, make it stressful for you.

The Bissell Barkbath QuietTone, though, is designed to make as little noise as possible – a perk we listed in its notable features.

It’s the lessening of stress that makes this feature worth revisiting. Not only will it be easier for your dog to grow more accustomed to baths, but you won’t be causing them any more undue stress when you use the product.

Bathing may never be a totally enjoyable experience for you and your pup, but it will certainly be easier – and a whole lot less messy.

Bissell barkbath QT review

The Negatives


The Bissell Barkbath isn’t perfect, though. There have been issues reported of the bath leaking, especially around the nozzle attachments.

When preparing to bathe your dog for the first time, you’ll need to prime the system, and it’s during priming that you’ll be able to tell whether or not you need to attend to a leak caused by a system malfunction.

Alternatively, some leakage has been reported as a result of particularly squirrely dogs. A dog that has a lot of energy may feel the need to move around while in the bath, no matter how quiet the Bissell Barkbath is.

Make sure, in order to prevent this situational leakage, that your dog is as calm as possible before getting into the bath, or that you and a friend can distract your dog enough to keep them from moving.


Another little kicker worth noting is the 16 oz. BISSELL Clean & Fresh No-Rinse Dog Shampoo.

There’s nothing wrong with the shampoo itself, but if you use any other shampoo with the Bissell Barkbath, you void your warranty on the product.

This is just something to keep in mind when considering whether it’s the best bath for you.

Here’s a video showing the Bissell Barbath out of the box and in action.


The Bissell Barkbath QuietTone Portable Dog Bath is meant to keep your dog calm and to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning up the mess that stress leaves behind.

If you’re looking for an easier, more straightforward dog grooming experience, give this bath a look-over, and see if it meets your standards.

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