Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs Review


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Not every home is friendly to dogs and cats – especially little ones – and Best Pet Supplies have designed a simple solution for pet owners everywhere.

The Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs are great for small dogs, old animals, and cats who struggle to climb up the more human-sized steps around some homes (or onto the couch for those lazy, Sunday afternoon naps with their owners).

pet stairs

While only suitable for animals under 20lbs, these stairs are lightweight, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colors to suit any home.

Interested? Then read on and check out this Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs review!

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs Details

What Is It Made Out of?

A dense foam interior is protected by a removable cover with an anti-slip bottom.

The foam is dense enough to support pets as they travel up and down, while still being light enough that moving it around the house is incredibly easy.

The anti-slip bottom is great, especially for young and old animals, and stops the stairs from sliding around during use.

As for the cover, it is easy to remove and made from a machine-washable fleece blend.

And the Design?

The stairs come in three configurations, offering a nice variety to suit all sorts of needs and animals.

Three-step, four-step, and five-step models can be paired with eight different colors and patterns too!

Overall, a simple design with a small selection of aesthetic and functional variations makes the Pet Supplies Pet Stairs a well-rounded product.

What About Cleaning and Maintenance?

Removing the fleece-blend cover is easy, and it can be chucked in the washing machine with a regular load too.

best pet supplies foam pet stairs

The foam can be wiped down easily enough but is not quite as simple to give a deep clean as the cover is.

Not to say that one cannot clean the foam! Throw it in a tub with some detergent and start…squishing, basically.

The foam will take the better part of a day to dry, too, so keep that in mind if your pets are particularly messy.

What Are People Saying About These Pet Stairs?

For the most part, buyers only have good things to say about the Best Pet Supplies Pet Stairs, with a few not so good things.


Kicking off with the bad news is some peculiar mishaps with shipping. A number of customers have ordered these stairs for their pets, only to open the package and find just the cover within.

This is a very strange occurrence, and one that has happened a few times. It does seem like a relatively easy  problem to fix so long as receipt copies were kept.


The second issue that pops up are problems with stability.

This comes down to a few different factors, namely the anti-slip base not performing well on carpet and owners buying the stairs for pets that are too large for the stairs to handle.

best pet supplies foam pet stairs

Anti-slip issues can be solved by popping a grip surface under the stairs, for the most part. However, unfortunately, those with heavy or medium dogs will have to look elsewhere for pet stairs, as this product just cannot handle their weight and will topple.

Offers Great Support for Elderly and Delicate Dogs 

Happily, the pros outweigh the cons! Evidently, those with elderly dogs love these steps, as the foam allows them to get good traction and minimize strain.

Small, delicate dogs like Chihuahuas benefit from these steps too, as they can easily move around the home and the risk of hurting themselves is minimized.

Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs: The Review

Great for Smaller, Older, and Younger Dogs 

For what they are, Pet Supplies have made one of the best pet stair products for owners wanting to make their home more pet-friendly.

Elderly animals especially benefit from foam stairs, as this specialized material offers a certain amount of traction that eases the strain on struggling joints.

Young animals, puppies, and kittens that are still learning their body’s limits will have a safer environment to grow in as well. Plus, more delicately boned dogs will have easier ways to hop on and off the couch. 

Price Concerns 

Now, one thing not covered yet is the price. These stairs for dogs run under $100, and that isn’t overly expensive, but for some, it still may not count as cheap.

It is worth browsing around for other options price-wise and then deciding if the advantage this product offers outweighs this particular almost-con.

best pet supplies foam pet stairs

Might Not be Suitable for Heavier Dogs 

The anti-slip grip on the base of the stairs offers a degree of security to owners worried about their pets having a topple.

However, some owners have noted that the stairs are not as steady as they would like them to be. This may come down to the weight of the animal; however, if owners are concerned about elderly pets having a fall, they may wish to look elsewhere.

Overall, the Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs is a decent product, but one that deserves a closer look in comparison with your needs before ordering.

best pet supplies foam pet stairs

Would you give Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs a try?


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