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If you don’t already know, you might be wondering, “What’s a bully stick and why does this company claim to have the best one out there”?

Better yet, you may be wondering why you should buy a bully stick for your dog.

Best Bully Sticks


Brace yourself.

It’s a dried bull penis.

Okay, if you’re still here, let’s get to this.

Best Bully Sticks Dog Treats

On the front page of the website, their products range from bully sticks to ears, antlers, and jerky.

Products from Best Bully Sticks should be frozen or stored in a refrigerated space as, for your pet’s health, the items do not contain preservatives.

Bully Sticks

A bully stick is a natural dog treat and dog chew, completely digestible and wonderful for your dog’s dental health.

Where we have toothbrushes, dogs can have bully sticks to brush away plaque and tartar. Beef-hide-based treats and chews are not completely digestible for all dogs.

Best of all, bully sticks last. Rather than purchasing easily broken chews, a bully stick is a low-cost, long-term investment.

Some of Best Bully Sticks’ namesake products claim to be odor-free. Which, when it concerns a dried bull penis, is a boon.

One of their best sellers is the “6-Inch Standard Odor-Free Bully Stick.” Each one is $2.12 and come in packs which, the bigger the pack, the lower the individual cost.

healthy dog treats

Reviews for this particular bully stick say that, when used, they don’t leave little bits and pieces. Some comment on how fragrant the non-odor-free one can be, making odor-free the way to go as an ‘indoors’ treat.

Some claim that the sticks aren’t completely odor-free, but that the odor present isn’t horrible, all things considered.

Bully sticks come in different lengths and degrees of thickness, but not all have odor-free options.

Ear Treats

From cow to lamb to pig, these doggie chews come in packs of large, dried animal ears. Depending on the size, some come in packs from 10 to 25.

For instance, you can purchase a 25-pack of Pig Ear dog treats for $33.99 at the base price.

While some come in larger packs for slight savings, not all of them do. You’re still able to purchase multiple orders, however.

In regard to the pig ears (one of the best sellers in the “ear treat” category), consumers report largely positive experiences.

The only exception is that some found these ears to be a little greasy, or the consistency of ear sizing slightly lacking.

Unlike the bully sticks, the durability of the ears is largely dependent on which ones you order.

best bully sticks review

The Pork Drummers, for instance, are more akin to a treat than a chew, meaning they’ll break apart more easily, but will also have a more savory flavor. (We assume. We haven’t worked up the courage to try it personally!)

For dog owners with certain allergies, the lamb ears are hypoallergenic!


Best Bully Sticks’ Antler Chews are natural and humane, as the antlers from elk, moose, and goat are naturally shed.

Single ingredient and completely, absolutely natural, these are wonderful chews for your dog. They need no preservatives and contain nutrients which are beneficial to your pup’s health.

These come in a variety of split antlers, complete antlers, fillets, and burrs to cover all your bases, whether you have a big or small dog.

Although these are antlers, it is also recommended they are stored in cool areas, such as your fridge or freezer. On hot summer days, you can give a frozen antler to your dog as a special treat!

Best-sellers in this category include the large and medium Split Elk Antlers, which can be bought individually or in weighed bags.

Customers enjoyed the inside marrow’s easy access for their dogs and the long-lasting durability of the item.


Last but not least is the jerky. Obviously, these are more akin to treats than chews. They come in bags weighed in ounces, as well as in different bag sizes to save you money.

best healthy dog treats

A best-seller, the Premium Chicken jerky, is $10.19 for an 8 oz. bag. One happy customer, in particular, said it was easier for their older dog to chew on and digest than the bully sticks.

The jerky comes in all manner of different types, including a variety of meats, cuts, and packages, making it a versatile way to treat your dog when you’re still determining their favorites.

best bully sticks

Best Bully Treats Discounts

Best Bully Sticks comes with an automated shipping service, in which you can choose to have a pre-designated package sent once a month at a discounted rate.

Currently offered is a 20% discount on the first shipment when you chose to auto-ship, as well 10% off each following order.

When buying in bulk, the cost per stick goes down, saving you as much as $20 per order, should you go with a 50-pack.

There are other discounts to take advantage of including:

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