BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

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This modernly designed BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed combines both comfort and orthopedic support for your favorite four-footed companion.

As an orthopedic dog bed, it has something that you’ll be hard pressed to find in other similarly priced beds: grooved memory foam.

barksbar dog bed review

Will your dog benefit from this adjustment to the typical mattress shape? Does this produce any possible construction concerns?

The pros and cons are listed below in our BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed Review, but you have the final say in if this feels like a worthy purchase.

As with anything regarding the dogs in your lives, you know the best product for them is the one that fits their needs.

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed Specifications

  • Dimensions: 40 in. x 30 in. x 10 in.
  • Inner Dimensions: 36 in. x 24 in.
  • Foam Pad: 35.5 in. x 24 in.
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed Review


Grooved Orthopedic Foam

You might be asking yourself, what specifically is orthopedic foam and why is it grooved? That’s a valid question.

The inner foam pad, which sits at the bottom of this bed, doesn’t just rely on the weight-bearing pressure points to distribute the weight off of your dog’s joints.

These grooves allow for your dog to adjust themselves to just the right point, placing extra support on areas they decide they like best.

Comfortable Cotton Rim Cushion

How would you like it if someone gave you a bed without a pillow? That certainly doesn’t sound super comfortable, even if you had memory foam, and especially if you prefer to sleep on your side.

Your head just hangs there uncomfortably without a pillow! Well, that’s what this rim cushion prevents for your dog.

Not only does the included pillow provide a comfortable barrier to avoid slipping or rolling off the bed on accident, but it lets your dog rest their tired heads in peace and comfort.

Soft Material

This is going in the pros list, as it’s hard to place this particular note in either. As it’s a bed meant for indoors, it’s considered a good thing.

While the outer design might look sleek, the cover material is actually a little soft and is in no way considered waterproof.

This is not something to place in your screen-only back porch or to be taken on camping trips. However, plush is a comfortable perk!

BarksBar Orthopedic dog bed review

Easy Cleaning

BarkBar makes the cleaning process way less daunting by including a removable cover with their Orthopedic Dog Bed. What’s best is that it’s washer safe!

All it takes to clean it is to take the cover off and pop it into your laundry on a gentle cycle. You’ll have a cleaner dog bed without the grunt work.


Large Bed for Medium Dogs

This large bed by BarksBar is best suited for dogs up to three feet long and under 100 pounds.

While it can go up to those amounts, you should allow for a bit of extra room and support for your dog if they’re only just able to meet these specifications.

For anyone with a large or extra-large dog, you’ll have to find another product.

Thin Materials

As a result of the grooved foam cutting into the general shape, the base is not as thick as it perhaps should be.

The cover is not thick enough for dogs that don’t regularly have their nails trimmed or rounded, so if you’re looking for a completely dog-proof dog bed, you’re going to be out of luck with this product.

The material that lines the bottom, the part with the “no slip” rubber backing, is easily torn after any amount of rough use.

For dogs that have a tendency to chew everything up, this will be no match for their reign of terror.

Not for Puppies

Though the sizing would, of course, suit a puppy of any breed (they’ll have plenty of room to grow!) but since the bed is not waterproof, this could mean excessive washings for you.

Any messes will sink into the material and require a thorough hosing outside. The material on the bed itself would struggle in a washing machine, so cleaning by hand is your ideal choice.

Portions May Need Replacing

As one last point, in keeping with the bolster’s pillow-like use and construction, it’s subject to the same problems you face with your own pillows; the inner material can shift around or flatten.

This decreases its comfort levels over time.

While this bed can allow for you to replace the inner material in the bolster yourself, this might not be the dog bed for owners that don’t want that level of hands-on maintenance.

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed review

Final Verdict

The unique craftsmanship that went into creating BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed is marvelling – if you can get your dog off the bed long enough to marvel at it.

This cushion in particular feels like it would be the top result of a dog bed review blog run by actual dogs.

However, while it is a great bed for older dogs, it’s particularly suited for ones that are well trained. In that regard, your biggest concern will be cleaning.

If your dog isn’t exactly well-trained – or becomes easily bored and apt to tear into your furniture to entertain themselves or burn off that extra energy – you’ll want to consider a sturdier bed.

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